Pubs in London with Live Musicpubs in london with live music

There’s never a shortage of excitement in London’s bustling nightlife, particularly when it comes to an array of pubs hosting live music events. From jazz clubs to contemporary rooftop settings, the capital’s live music scene offers something for everyone. Be it blues, rock, funk, or jazz, London’s best music venues cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Discover Covent Garden’s charming Stereo, explore the legendary Ronnie Scott’s in Soho, or revel in an interactive experience at The Piano Works. This guide to London’s top music venues will provide the perfect backdrop for your next unforgettable night on the town.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the electrifying atmosphere at Ronnie Scott’s in Soho, renowned for its intimate jazz ambiance and legendary performances.
  • Discover Covent Garden’s hidden gem Stereo, where soulful music and unique cocktails set the stage for a memorable evening.
  • Dive into the fusion of global jazz and Japanese gastronomy at Hackney’s “mu”, attracting both music enthusiasts and foodies alike.
  • Head to East End’s Brilliant Corners for an audiophile-grade sound experience with a side of natural wine and izakaya-style fare.
  • Unwind at Skylarking Peckham with soulful music and invigorating DJ sessions on a spacious outdoor terrace.
  • Explore the luxurious live music offerings at The Sanderson Hotel’s Long Bar, where botanical interiors and exquisite cocktails perfectly complement live performances.
  • Experience the energetic beats of ‘DJs on the terrace’ at Peckham Arches, an open-air hotspot for London’s partygoers and music lovers.

Discover the Pulse of London’s Live Entertainment

London’s live entertainment scene is immersive and diverse, offering a wide range of musical experiences that cater to various tastes. From charismatic music pubs to exotic live band venues, the capital’s nightlife boasts an array of enthralling performances and captivating atmospheres for every type of music lover.

One of the cornerstones in London’s live entertainment scene is Ronnie Scott’s, a renowned jazz club that has become a staple for jazz aficionados. Located in the heart of Soho, this iconic venue hosts nightly performances by both local and international musicians and offers an intimate setting for enjoying exceptional live music.

  1. Eastcheap Records: Known for its eclectic decor and vibrant atmosphere, Eastcheap Records features a variety of live music acts throughout the week, ensuring that every visit is marked by the pulsating rhythms of the city.
  2. Jazz Café: Situated in the bustling streets of Camden, the Jazz Café offers a diverse lineup of musicians, catering to lovers of jazz, soul, and electronic music.
  3. Village Underground: A versatile live entertainment space located in Shoreditch, Village Underground showcases a wide range of music genres, from indie rock to jazz, providing an unforgettable night out in London.

Aside from these well-known venues, London’s live entertainment landscape also includes several hidden gems, each offering a unique and captivating experience:

  • The Blues Kitchen: With locations in Brixton, Camden, and Shoreditch, this vibrant bar and restaurant offers an immersive blues and soul experience, hosting regular live music events.
  • The Piano Works: Combining fine dining with eclectic live performances, The Piano Works in Farringdon allows patrons to request their favourite songs, making for a truly interactive and memorable evening.
  • Skylarking Peckham: Boasting an eclectic live music schedule, this intimate venue caters to both midweek relaxation and weekend festivities, showcasing the talents of local musicians and DJs.

Beyond the bustling streets of central London, the city’s suburbs also offer a wealth of live entertainment options:

VenueLocationMusic Genre
OmearaLondon BridgeIndie, rock, folk
Windmill BrixtonBrixtonAlternative, indie, rock
The BedfordBalhamFolk, acoustic, comedy

With such a vast assortment of music pubs and live band venues, London’s live entertainment scene showcases the pulsating heart of the city and offers unforgettable nights out for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the capital’s vibrant atmosphere.

The Charm of Covent Garden: Unearthing Stereo

Stereo, a hidden gem amongst Covent Garden pubs, is nestled beneath the iconic Covent Garden Market. Live music is the soul of this charismatic venue, specialising in genres such as jazz, funk, and soul. With intimate and moody interiors, Stereo captivates audiences with its curved booths and enchanting amber orbs, setting the perfect atmosphere for unforgettable evenings filled with dynamic tunes and captivating performances.

Eclectic Jams, Craft Cocktails and Moody Interiors

At Stereo, every night is a celebration of live music, inviting both up-and-coming and established DJs and musicians to entertain its guests. This bustling Covent Garden pub focuses on soul, funk, and jazz, creating an eclectic and vibrant atmosphere that echoes the unique spirit of Covent Garden itself. An evening at Stereo promises live music unlike any other found in Covent Garden.

As the music plays, indulge in Stereo’s masterfully crafted cocktails and awaken your senses with expertly balanced flavours. Their signature drinks, such as the Soho Smash and Stereo Spritz, are sure to be a hit among cocktail enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a classic taste or a modern twist, Stereo’s extensive cocktail menu caters to everyone’s palate.

Soho SmashFresh raspberries muddled with lemon juice and house-made lemonade, garnished with fresh mint
Stereo SpritzCrisp and refreshing combination of Prosecco, Aperol, and soda water, garnished with an orange twist

Embrace an evening of musical bliss at Stereo, where live music in Covent Garden takes centre stage. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, an outing to this beloved venue is the perfect way to experience London’s thriving live music scene and indulge in the expertly crafted cocktails that are synonymous with Covent Garden pubs.

Jazz Lovers’ Retreat: The Legendary Ronnie Scott’s

Among the Best Jazz Bars London has to offer, Ronnie Scott’s Soho stands out as an iconic destination for jazz enthusiasts. Established in 1959, this legendary venue has witnessed performances from a multitude of renowned jazz musicians, including the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, and Miles Davis.

Ronnie Scott’s boasts a strikingly intimate atmosphere that takes its patrons back in time, transporting them to a vintage jazz club ambience. Attracting both local and international visitors, it has become a celebrated spot for those seeking authentic Live Jazz in the heart of London.

Ronnie Scott's Soho Jazz Club

Not only limited to long-standing jazz aficionados, this unique venue also offers an opportunity for those exploring the genre for the first time to immerse themselves in a world-class jazz experience. The club regularly hosts renowned jazz artists as well as up-and-coming talent, ensuring that visitors are always treated to an unforgettable performance.

In addition to the live jazz performances, Ronnie Scott’s also takes pride in its impeccable food and beverage offerings. Guests can indulge in a fine selection of classic cocktails, wine, and a delectable food menu that caters to various tastes and preferences.

Over the years, Ronnie Scott’s has continued its pursuit of excellence in providing authentic jazz experiences, establishing itself as an essential destination for music lovers visiting London.

  1. Location: 47 Frith Street, Soho, London W1D 4HT
  2. Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 6 PM – 3 AM; Sunday, 12 PM – 12 AM
  3. Dress Code: Smart Casual
  4. Admission Fees: Ticket prices vary depending on the night’s performer

A Fusion of Taste and Tune at Hackney’s “mu”

The Allure of Global Jazz and Japanese Gastronomy

Located in the heart of Hackney, the eclectic venue “mu” artfully intertwines the diverse sounds of global jazz with the captivating flavours of Japanese cuisine. Fans of live music and fine dining can indulge in a unique, multisensory experience, as nightly performances showcase the prowess of local and international jazz artists, echoing the groundbreaking work of Don Cherry.

Heading the kitchen at “mu” is the talented chef Duarte Loupa, whose prowess has helped craft an exquisite menu inspired by traditional Japanese fare. Diners can savour delectable robatayaki grill dishes and sip on curated natural wines sourced from boutique producers.

Ambient lighting and intimate seating arrangements at “mu” create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere enhancing the overall experience. To offer a taste of the vibrant menu and live performances, we’ve compiled a sample schedule and menu:

DayLive PerformanceMenu Highlight
MondayAfrobeat Jazz EnsembleGrilled King Oyster Mushrooms
TuesdayLatin Jazz TrioSake-Marinated Black Cod
WednesdayWorld Fusion QuartetWagyu Beef Kushiyaki
ThursdayExperimental Jazz DuoSeared Scallops with Ponzu
FridayGypsy Jazz SextetJapanese Whisky Flight

“mu” has distinguished itself among the many live jazz venues in Hackney, offering a unique and captivating environment for those in search of global jazz tunes and exquisite Japanese flavours. The spellbinding blend of music and cuisine complements the vibrant Hackney nightlife scene and promises an unforgettable evening for all who venture through its doors.

East End’s Audiophile Haven: Brilliant Corners

Located in the heart of Dalston, Brilliant Corners is a distinguished Audiophile Music Venue that sets the standard for high-quality sound systems and enchanting ambience. In addition to providing a natural wine bar and Japanese izakaya-style menu, this intimate space features mesmerizing moon-like orbs of light and is committed to pleasing even the most discerning audiophiles.

Brilliant Corners is unique in its approach to the Dalston Nightlife scene, as it centres its music policy around high-fidelity sounds. This dedication to pure audio quality allows for DJ sessions and live performances to come alive within the walls of this intimate venue.

Taking the experience a step further, Brilliant Corners offers a thoughtfully curated natural wine list to complement the Japanese-inspired menu. Patrons can indulge in exquisite wines and authentic izakaya dishes, making it the perfect stop for a memorable night out in East London.

  • High-quality audiophile sound system – for an immersive listening experience
  • Ambient lighting – moon-like orbs create a soothing atmosphere
  • Natural wine bar – curated selection of organic and biodynamic wines
  • Japanese izakaya-style menu – indulge in delicious, authentic dishes
  • High-fidelity music policy – DJ sessions and live performances in their purest form

Whether you’re an audiophile seeking an uncompromised auditory experience, a wine aficionado searching for a refined tipple, or someone looking to relish the delights of Dalston Nightlife, Brilliant Corners is undoubtedly a must-visit venue that will leave you enthralled and yearning for more.

Soulful Evenings at Skylarking Peckham

Live Music Peckham

Skylarking Peckham has become a popular destination for music-lovers in search of enchanting live music performances featuring a blend of unique, soulful acts and dynamic DJ sets. The venue offers a diverse lineup to cater to every mood and occasion, with its weekly musical schedule complemented by the sounds of local talent, creating an idyllic setting for casual midweek outings or energetic weekend escapades.

Weeknight Grooves to Weekend Blowouts

Every Wednesday evening at Skylarking Peckham is dedicated to soulful music evenings, where a changing roster of vibrant performances takes center stage, encapsulating the excitement of live music in Peckham. As the weekend approaches, the intensity builds, and the venue transforms into a hub of bustling energy, with live DJ sets maintaining an electric atmosphere that keeps guests entertained and dancing into the early hours.

  1. Wednesday Night: Soulful live performances featuring emerging local talent
  2. Thursday Evening: A laid-back night perfect for catching up with friends over handcrafted cocktails
  3. Friday and Saturday: Energetic DJ sets livening the atmosphere and celebrating the weekend
  4. Sunday Evenings: Rounding off the week with a mix of laid-back tunes and sophisticated vibes

Skylarking Peckham’s passion for showcasing talented musicians ensures that the venue is always at the forefront of the local music scene. Striving to find and promote the best in local talent, the venue’s commitment to authenticity and fostering a sense of community among both artists and spectators makes it truly stand out.

Day of The WeekEventHighlights
WednesdaySoulful Music EveningsEmerging local talent, live performances, and relaxed ambience
ThursdayChill NightHandcrafted cocktails, great conversations, and an eclectic mix of tunes
Friday & SaturdayWeekend BlowoutsVibrant DJ sets, high energy atmosphere, and fantastic drinks selection
SundaySmooth SundaysLaid-back tunes, sophisticated vibes, and the perfect wind-down from the week

Embrace the incredible energy and talent at Skylarking Peckham, where every visit promises a memorable and entertaining experience, from the soulful music evenings to the foot-tapping weekend blowouts, the music scene in Peckham continues to thrive and inspire!

Nightlife Meets Luxury at The Long Bar

For those seeking an exquisite blend of luxury nightlife in London, hotel bars such as the Sanderson Hotel’s Long Bar in Fitzrovia offer a surreal experience. Delight in lush botanical aesthetics with live music evenings held from Wednesdays to Saturdays, featuring an array of performers who add to the vibrant atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the exquisite sound of live house DJs and saxophonists while enjoying a variety of expertly crafted cocktails. The luxurious surroundings of the Long Bar make it a go-to destination for upscale night-time outings.

Offering more than just live music, The Long Bar boasts an extensive menu, including:

  • Signature Cocktails
  • Classic Cocktails
  • Mocktails
  • Champagnes and Sparkling Wines
  • Fine Wines and Spirits

Here is a glimpse of some of the exquisite cocktails available at The Long Bar:

Mandarin MojitoA tropical twist on a classic mojito, featuring mandarin, mint, and a hint of lime
Raspberry CollinsA refreshing combination of gin, fresh lemon juice, raspberries, sugar, and soda water
Passion Fruit MartiniA vibrant and invigorating mix of vodka, passion fruit, vanilla syrup, and lime juice
Elderflower & Cucumber SpritzA delicate blend of gin, elderflower liqueur, fresh cucumber, and soda water

As you listen to the enchanting tunes of live music, sip on these delectable concoctions while revelling in the laid-back luxury of one of London’s finest hotel bars. The Long Bar promises an evening filled with sophistication and beautiful melodies, making it the perfect spot for an unforgettable night on the town.

Open-Air Beats – Live Sessions at Peckham Arches

Peckham Arches adds an energized beat to London’s nightlife with its ‘DJs on the terrace’ events every Friday and Saturday night. An open-air terrace and bar creating a buzzy atmosphere, complemented by enticing cocktails and local beers.

DJs on the Terrace: A Recipe for Nightlife Bliss

There’s nothing quite like the experience of Outdoor Live Music in Peckham. The terrace sets at Peckham Arches offer captivating DJ performances under the stars, giving a unique twist to weekend events in the area. As one of the most exciting aspects of Peckham Nightlife, these terrace sets draw considerable crowds to the arches every week.

Pairing quality craft beer and an array of delicious cocktails with the lively atmosphere created by the DJs Terrace Sets, Peckham Arches has become a go-to destination for night owls seeking an unforgettable outdoor party experience. Moreover, the venue’s emphasis on supporting local talent amplifies its appeal for in-the-know appreciators of live music.

  1. Friday Night Vibe: Heat up your weekend with DJ sets playing an eclectic mix of genres, from house and techno to RnB and hip hop.
  2. Saturday Night Social: Continue the weekend festivities with pumping music from talented local DJs as you dance the night away.
  3. Thirst-Quenching Beverages: Whether it’s a craft beer from a nearby brewery or a tempting cocktail, Peckham Arches have plenty of drinks to keep you going.
DayEventMusic GenresBeverage Selection
FridayFriday Night VibeHouse, Techno, RnB, Hip HopCraft Beers, Cocktails, Wines, Soft Drinks
SaturdaySaturday Night SocialVaried Genres by Local DJsCraft Beers, Cocktails, Wines, Soft Drinks

Be sure to round up your friends and experience the energetic live sessions at Peckham Arches at least once. These weekend events are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories, surrounded by great company, excellent music, and phenomenal views at one of the most exciting hotspots in Peckham’s nightlife scene.

The Lockdown Room: London City Island’s Musical Gem

The Lockdown Room on London City Island is an exciting venue that offers Londoners a unique way to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant music scene. Located in the heart of the city, this musical hotspot provides a perfect setting to enjoy weekly live music performances that cater to summertime vibes, allowing guests to indulge in outdoor stages, jazz festivals, and rotating outdoor music acts.

With regular live music and entertainment, London City Island Nightlife has evolved to become an epicentre of creative expression, and The Lockdown Room exemplifies this magnetism. Boasting a captivating blend of talented musicians and captivating performances, this Lifehouse-inspired venue nurtures visitors in a cultural environment teeming with unforgettable moments. Additionally, its al fresco setting offers Londoners a delightful space to relish the warm summer evenings, making it an ideal spot for Summer Live Music.

To ensure an eclectic blend of musical talent and genres all-year round, The Lockdown Room embraces a diverse range of Outdoor Music Acts. This cultural haven seeks to shine a light on local talents and musicians from the London-based community and beyond, giving visitors a unique experience every time they step foot on the island.

While enjoying the breathtaking skyline views of London as a backdrop, guests at The Lockdown Room have the opportunity to indulge in mouthwatering food and beverage offerings throughout the night. This multisensory experience is designed to stimulate the senses and create an evening to remember.

  1. Weekly live music performances
  2. Outdoor stages during summertime
  3. Jazz festivals
  4. Rotating outdoor music acts
  5. Food and beverage offerings
  6. Breathtaking views of London

In conclusion, The Lockdown Room is London City Island’s hidden gem that invites visitors to explore the vibrant world of live music in a truly unique setting. Whether searching for a new musical discovery or a memorable night spent enjoying scenic views, this venue caters to every aspect of the London City Island Nightlife. With an ever-changing lineup of live music acts and a diversity of genres, The Lockdown Room transforms London City Island into a haven of culture and entertainment for those who cherish summer live music events and outdoor performances.

Interactive Joyride: The Piano Works’ Live Music Experience

Imagine a venue where you can enjoy excellent food, delightful cocktails, and live music tailored to your preferences. The Piano Works is where you want to be for an interactive live music experience like no other. With locations in the West End and Farringdon, this lively spot offers a unique blend of bar, restaurant, and concert, ensuring a night to remember.

Fusing Fine Food, Spirited Cocktails, and Your Song Requests

The Piano Works’ innovative concept revolves around a talented six-piece band that takes centre stage, performing songs requested by the audience. This approach creates a dynamic atmosphere with a diverse range of songs and genres, all dictated by the guests themselves.

As you immerse yourself in the interactive live music scene, satisfy your taste buds with a menu offering fine food, from small plates to sumptuous main courses. Complement your dining experience with artist-inspired cocktails, paying tribute to various music legends and genres.

  1. Dizzy Gillespie Negroni: A jazz-inspired twist on the classic Negroni.
  2. Jimi Hendrix Smash: A fruity concoction celebrating the iconic rock guitarist.
  3. Madonna Martini: An elegant cocktail honouring the Queen of Pop.
DishIngredientsPerfect Pairing
Fried Chicken BitesCrispy chicken, spicy mayo, pickled red cabbageJimi Hendrix Smash
Chargrilled Tiger PrawnsGrilled prawns, garlic, coriander, chilliDizzy Gillespie Negroni
Truffled Mac and CheeseMacaroni, truffle, four cheese sauce, herb crustMadonna Martini

The Piano Works is undoubtedly the ideal destination for those seeking an engaging and thrilling live music experience in London, blending a charming atmosphere, gastronomic delights, and audience requests sets into one unforgettable night out.

Best Music Venues: 100 Wardour Street’s ‘Tuesdays Live’

100 Wardour Street, a popular music venue in Soho, is renowned for its live music series ‘Tuesdays Live’, where visitors can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere while listening to performances by emerging artists. This lively event makes for an idyllic midweek occasion in the heart of London.

Adding to the appeal of these live music nights is a special Sunset Hour menu, featuring discounted cocktails alongside a range of delectable food options to satisfy all palates. Revel in the enticing flavours and unwind as the music washes over you.

Top 5 Unique Sunset Hour Cocktails

  1. Wardour Road Rémy
  2. Ginberry Fizz
  3. Shoreditch Sour
  4. Velvet Sea
  5. Golden Pineapple

With a mix of vibrant ambiance, captivating live music, and discounted creative cocktails, 100 Wardour Street’s ‘Tuesdays Live’ fosters an unforgettable night out.

Not-to-miss Soho Music Venues

100 Wardour StreetEclectic live music series ‘Tuesdays Live’, discounted Sunset Hour cocktails, and a dynamic atmosphere.
Ronnie Scott’sLegendary jazz venue with a strong fan base, offering intimate ambience and exceptional performances.
Piano WorksInteractive live music experience blending a bar, restaurant, and concert with performances based on audience requests.
Skylarking PeckhamSoulful music evenings with live performances and DJ sets, plus a diverse calendar of events to suit all tastes.
Savage GardenSpectacular rooftop venue offering a ‘Savage Sessions’ music series, creative cocktails, and panoramic city views.

Experience the very essence of London’s nightlife and embrace the energy of its thriving entertainment scene by visiting 100 Wardour Street for its ‘Tuesdays Live’ event, where you can indulge in Sunset Hour cocktails and truly appreciate the incredible talent this city has to offer.

London’s Blues Heartland: The Blues Kitchen

The Blues Kitchen, with locations in Brixton, Camden, and Shoreditch, stakes its claim as a stronghold of blues music in London. Offering a vibrant schedule of live funk and soul, country acts, and Motown events, this bar-come-restaurant ensures an immersive blues experience.

The Blues Kitchen

Each venue boasts a unique atmosphere, with blues-inspired interiors, a broad range of cocktails, and a delectable menu featuring American BBQ dishes. Not only confined to blues music, The Blues Kitchen also hosts a variety of other genres, from funk and soul to jazz and indie performances, providing a platform for up-and-coming and established artists alike.

Weekly Highlights

  • Live funk and soul nights
  • Motown Mondays
  • Themed events such as Big Band Swing Dance
  • Blues Jam sessions
  • International guest appearances

With its rich cultural heritage and a nod to the world’s greatest blues and soul acts, The Blues Kitchen combines exhilarating musical experiences with tasty food and drink in a warm and welcoming environment.

Brixton40 Acre Ln, SW2 5SP+44 20 7274 0591
Camden111-113 Camden High St, NW1 7JN+44 20 7387 5277
Shoreditch134-146 Curtain Rd, EC2A 3AR+44 20 7729 7216

Whether you’re a blues fanatic or simply searching for a lively night out, The Blues Kitchen will sweep you off your feet with its line-up of exceptional live music, delicious Southern-style cuisine, and upbeat atmosphere – a must-visit for London’s blues fans and beyond.

Rooftop Revelry with Savage Garden’s Sessions

Experience the ultimate rooftop bar in London while enjoying a live music session at the legendary Savage Garden. Located on the 12th floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton, this unique venue offers unparalleled views of the city skyline, providing the perfect backdrop for musical enthusiasts seeking a mesmerising night out.

Designed to enthral and captivate, Savage Garden’s ‘Savage Sessions’ provides patrons with an unforgettable live music experience. Their carefully curated lineup features a diverse range of talented performers across various genres, which are sure to leave you captivated and entertained. Whilst soaking in the vibrant sounds, guests can indulge in a creative cocktail menu that boasts bold and imaginative concoctions, crafted to perfection.

A visit to Savage Garden is not complete without indulging in their breathtaking city skyline views. The venue’s panoramic vistas are truly unparalleled, transforming your night out into a magical experience. Whether you’re a local or a tourist seeking to explore London’s iconic nightlife, Savage Garden’s rooftop bar offers a unique blend of luxurious ambiance, live music sessions, and spectacular city views that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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